dinsdag 4 januari 2011

Who Suffers From Eye Strain?

The thing about eye strain is that it is a condition that anyone can suffer from. Anyone that spends long periods of time focusing on a computer or laptop screen or constantly reads a book for long stretches of time in poor light is increasing their chances of experiencing symptoms that are caused by straining the eyes too much. When the eyes become tired from overuse, they typically suffer from becoming itchy, dry, red, sore and even blurry.

Because the number of people that use the Internet, whether for leisure or work, has increased dramatically over the years, this has resulted in more cases of eye strain. Office workers in particular end up becoming victims of this condition since they spend hours out of the day staring at their computer screens. Employees that spend late nights at the office on their computers also increase their odds of straining their eyes, since the light source in the office area tends to be dimmer in the evenings, which causes significant contrast between the light source and the brightness of the computer screen. Dealing with long periods of glare or squinting in dim light to look at the screen are surefire ways to become vulnerable to straining the eyes. The same goes for individuals that constantly spend time focused on their laptop screens.

Avid readers can also suffer from this condition, since the activity of reading involves using the eyes to stare intently at the words on a page. If a person gets really caught up in the book they are reading, hours can go by before giving their eyes a break. Eye strain symptoms often pop up in such instances, especially if the lighting is not good.

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